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barbrajay | 00:35 Sun 25th Nov 2007 | Crosswords
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Still struggling, despite the help! If you're still there Sarumite, I think I've gone wrong on 1d marchers who restored the flow of water (3,7) I've got "tap washers" but that now doesn't fit in with 10a, on which I am stuck.

10a Journalist became a member and was added afterwards (9) I've got S?W?O?NED

Help also on 17d I leave confusingly efficient operative (2,6) and
20d An artist has come up from a very dry place (6)


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1d: dam busters
10a: subjoined
17d:In effect
20d: Sahara
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Thanks patsyjmdc. I'm having a really "thick" evening - but this one seems harder than usual!

Nearly finished, except for 9d and 24a. Any help welcome!
9d Kirkcudbright
24a sincere
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Thanks Meadow Lane! I couldn't remember the Scottish town!

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