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barbrajay | 23:35 Sat 24th Nov 2007 | Crosswords
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Really struggling today.
7d note punishment isnt severe (4,1,3,5)
I know I'll kick myself, but I just can't get it!

Also 7a Joseph preceded Bill, theman who was the father of the Virgin Mary (7)

14d Charts river befroe playing with server (10)

The answers to these might get me started!


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just a few lines
7d. just a few lines
Hi Barbra

7d Just a few lines

7a Jo ac him

14d Tablespoon (Charts) Tables + Po (river) + on (playing)

good luck (S)
reservoir? anagram of server + Rio
7a Joachim
7a Joachim
Sorry, tablespoon from Sarumite seems correct.
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Hi Sarumite - you are a real star! Glad you're on line today. I'll get started now... I hope.

Talk later, no doubt!
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Thanks also to slipnot, kettledrum and Thack - didn't mean to offend!

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