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Matakari | 08:59 Mon 04th Jul 2022 | Crosswords
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That Moment by Chiffchaff
In That Moment something thematic must happen to two answers to resolve four clashes in the grid. In eight across clues one letter has dropped into the next clue and needs to be restored before solving. Read in clue order these give a thematically treated word which indicates where to look next to find out what has to happen to one further answer in the grid.
Good morning, I’ve been staring at this for a while now and seek some answers for the following, thank you.
13 Herd you trade in Northern Ireland for masses of tissue (7) : ?UTE???
31 College expert going over exam material (8) : C???????
36 Mailers I distributed once ready in Portugal (7) : ???R?AS
38 One advising young Natalie not to fib indiscriminately (9, two words):
43 Beyond revolving door, seventy-eight unoccupied sun beds (6):
2 Those welcoming more ecological society taking time on vacation to replace nuclear energy (8) : ?R?ET???
10 Fire opals – gems with no marks enthralling drunken sailor (9) : ??E????ES
17 Act parsimoniously parking in enclosure once close to Scottish island (10):
24 Slimy old slug slithering across a wild rose, not spotted initially (8):


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2 Greeters, those welcoming.
24. Glareous, slimy.
You have mistakes in 13,36,43,10,17.
Ooops, missed your answer neveracrossword, and your solution is more suitable.
Question Author
Good morning, NACW, and many thanks! Could not fix the other mistakes here and would appreciate answers now to see if I can advance any further for my own edification.

PS: for 17, I think “Pennypinch”
13 Heard... Nucelli
31 Corporeal
36 Milreis
43 Roosts
10 Girasoles.
38 Agony Aunt
Yes to Pennypinch

Some of these have 'one letter..' but I will leave you to do that bit, and the parsings, yourself!
Question Author
Many thanks, NACW, I got a few more, but am still stuck on the following for which I believe I’ve got the right letters. Answers would be appreciated and thanks again for helping to understand this one!
8(D) Local sows rolling in thistles (4) : ?LT? ( ELTS )
14(D) Where one might keep records for a visit from a couple of eccentrics! (8) :
26(D) Prohibit unruly prisoner of war cutting ropes I supply (7) : ??R?AR?
( Thought: LARIATS )
28(D) American hunter’s almost out for one in Havana? (6) : ?O?GA?
34(D) Disreputable people climbing short steeple (4) : RI?P ( RISP )
35(D) Jack up Australian goods (4) : ?ON?
28 Cougar- ou replacing I in cigar.
14 Cardcase
8 and 34, yes.
Glad you have managed to get a few yourself, you had an ominous start!
Question Author
Thanks again, NACW! 26 and 35?
35 Bona
26 Forwarn

Better luck with the theme!
Thanks does forwarn work please?
Bobbinwales, I think you take Ropes I out of 'Prisoner of war' and anagram it, supply,. This is rushed, the news is gripping!
Question Author
Thank you very much, Nacw!
Thanks, Matakari. Think of this as your warm-up exercise for tomorrow's Spectator!
23a Knight leading horse out of barn in Japanese city (4) I have ?ARC in the grid but there may be clashes...
29a Vulgar antique loo's fashionable (4) TON?
23a looks like NARA(b) with a clash at the end
and..TONY for the other.

I only have 3 clashes but it all seems to work out in the final grid ??
I think the other one was Tony (and Loon).
Sorry, Pomona, I didn't see your earlier reply, answer. I was using my phone and didn't scroll.

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That Moment By Chiffchaff ( Crossword Centre: )

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