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upsetter | 18:21 Fri 01st Jul 2022 | Crosswords
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A perfectly enjoyable workout - now back to last week's intractable puzzle.

Thanks, Vismut.


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Yes, a good “Fridaynighter”.
Straightforward after a few brutes in recent weeks.

Thanks, Vismut.
Thanks Vismut!

I agree, it's a pleasant respite from recent weeks, but no less enjoyable to complete.
That was great fun. Now, like Upsetter, I can return to last week's Unruly Characters.
Really nice puzzle from a favourite setter. Thanks, Vismut.
This had everything that was lacking in last week's puzzle: coherence, good clues, and an unambiguous endgame.
Hoping this one is a little more straightforward than last week's brute. Finally climbed over the line at midnight last night when the temptation to apply a more literal version of the graphic instruction to the whole enterprise was very tempting. Onwards and upwards
What a good puzzle - not the hardest in the world, but elegant, accurate and still difficult enough to be a decent challenge.

Lead me to read about an interesting person too.

Many thanks to Vismut
I was struggling with a sizeable section of the grid but fortunately identification of one of the loops and its location came to my rescue.

No idea what links the numbered clues.

Thanks Vismut for an enjoyable puzzle.
A very nice, restful puzzle - and a new piece of information to stow away.
Dim16 - I laughed out loud when I discovered the connection in the numbered clues.
Philoctetes - you made me look at the clues again, and it also made me laugh when the penny dropped.

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Listener 4718 Linked By Vismut

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