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Matakari | 12:34 Fri 01st Jul 2022 | Crosswords
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Good day, now that we've got a Clear View of Doc's offering
for this week, we may want to have a crack at That Moment by
Chiffchaff from the Crossword Centre. It looks much more
challenging than Doc's, though.


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Thanks, Matakari. I'll have a look.

PS Most puzzles are more challenging than Doc's!
Can I chirp in again, please.

I have solved all the clues and have all the unclued lights except for 3d which I think might be 'The Sea'.
...and 19d ?IDE?S?O

And what has all thins got to do with the composer and a clear view?
Cheep, cheep!
Tilly2, that one is Riders To The Sea.
Thank you, NAC.

All done now but non the wiser. :-)
Question Author
Tilly2, yes, 3D is right. 3(D) and 19 (D) go together
to give us "Riders to the sea". Like you, I do not yet
see what all of this has to do with clear vie.
Thanks, Tilly2. The unclued entries are all works by RVW. I didn't spend any time working out the title - I'll give that some thought.. All I can see right now is RVW being at the end of 'clear view' without the vowels...
Question Author
Sorry, tilly2, I meant "Clear View ".
Thank you both.

What is the 'five letter representation of the theme'?
I think CL = 150 as RVW was born in 1872.
Thanks, Novalis, that sounds good.
All explained now. Thank you, Novalis.
I’m afraid, though I have the theme, I’m still stuck on:
30A Drug increased paranoia, we hear
37A Borrowing rate one pound a month
41A Ancient civilisation’s illusion
42A Car trader who circles and cuts
18D Flexible quality of priest with debt
34D London team spurned by Poles etc.
And the unclued 31A and 41A.
Hopeless!!! Any help gratefully received. Thanks.
^Arethere lettercounts and do you have any letters?
30 Morphia, drug - sounds like More Fear
37 April, month. APR, lending rate , I/one, and L, left.
18d should be okay if its a normal cryptic but a letter count would help
18 Pliability, flexible quality. P, Priest and Liability, debt
OK yours is better
42 Wheeler Dealer.

Boethius, those should have helped you fill in a fair bit now.
PS It's always good to give the letter count and details of any you have. Those without a copy would be better able to help.
42 something to do with dealer?

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