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crosswordfan | 15:49 Tue 28th Jun 2022 | Crosswords
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housing site seen with loads of lettings Must be cockeyed


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are these two separate clues?
how many letters?
any already placed?
Is cockneyed your suggested answer.
If no what's the letter counts
Don't see why Cockeyed or tiff would work...I'm having a bad day
if its any consolation bob, neither do I.......
next .........
Thanks but don't see it. And op did 2 left
I asked at 15.51 but got no response.
Hopefully crossword fan will clarrify the clue/clues and give letter counts and the known lettr's
Don't hold your breath though, bobbin. ;))

21d Housing site seen with loads of lettings? Must be
cock-eyed! (4) D???

It is all one clue, at this stage I have not worked out the answer.
Digs( housing)?
Thank you Dannyk13, thats terrific.
digs is likely right but I dont get the cockeyed bit
I don't get any of it except the first word. That's very cryptic.
Itsounds like a rte clue so if it is its more likely to be anyone the wall' ( think thats the term) rarther than a very cryptic one.
'Off the wall'
Ir maybe there admitting the clue is cockeyed

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