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stuckontwo | 12:42 Tue 28th Jun 2022 | Crosswords
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2 Down. Often this is one of a pair....sometimes on the road. (4). ?O??


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See if 'Boot' will fit ?
car tyres are aka Boots.

I sincerely hope i'm wrong.
Don't most cars have a boot, klazo?
You can see a single boot or shoe on the roadside, presumably from the newly-weds car ;)
i'm trying to parse sock . . .
Klaz, why do you hope you're wrong?
I was thinking if the O is wrong it might be dual ???

Hi Elliemay, The Phoenix is quite a well written Xword from what I remeber (seeing clues on here) I just think that the clue would be poor if my answer is correct.
Ok thanks Klaz.
Stuckontwo, can we check where you got the O, please?
Lol choux :-)
Question Author
Answer was fork.
Tough one, thank you to all, your help in this matter is greatly appreciated.

thanks for letting us know. So obvious when you get the answer!
I'm still a little puzzled,I don't really see the 'often this is one of a pair' part. If the 'pair' is knife and fork, isn't it awfully vague?
Question Author
I agree that the clue would have been clearer if 'set' was used instead of 'pair'. Anyway, wishing everyone a great day.

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