Iq 1757

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hankir | 18:44 Sat 25th Jun 2022 | Crosswords
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The clue has one or two extra words or the wordplay has an extra letter.

10 Mascot, possibly, chasing darn flipping dog (6)
13. Rabbi spun and wove lined fabric (using rule for the first line) (7)
19. Catches Conservative peer in old Sierra (4)
22. Rabbie’s dish, twice shortened with lard, is lean (7)



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22 haggard?

Hagg(is) (l)ard
Saga cryptic easy compared to this. Can't quite see how to work out answer.
10 Westie, dog, and Ascot, tie, rather than Mascot.
19 Cops
13 Twirled, spun, from Twilled, lined fabric.
Question Author
Thanks Toorak and NAC.

Gill55, do not have access to Saga puzzle.

Only about 50% done.
Thanks, Hankir. It's worth persevering!
19 cops?
Yes, Elliemay1, that's in an earlier post.
Question Author
Hi NAC, Thhanks for asking me to persevere.

In the silver cells, I have the same last two words. (6 each)
Only two poets come up who have used those words. But neither have used them in the last line.

Are my letters for 6/5 correct?
They're not the same, hankir (forget about Keats).
...your 'c' should be next to your 's' (typo?).
Hankir, my last two words aren't those lengths - mine are 7 and 6. Your letters are correct for 6, 5 - it's not all a name. The poem isn't by a 'poet', as such.
Hankir... and I didn't notice your typo in 6,5 - am glad it was spotted.
Question Author
Thanks ProfessorM and NAC.
Not any wiser.
I had Case for 15a.(Hidden with L extra for shell)
And do not have 20a.
What are the word lengths in silver cells. I presume it starts 3 and ends 7,6.
15a is HADE from (s)hell. I haven't got the silver cells yet or 6/5.
Hankir, the silver cells start 2,2 3 and finishes 7,6.

20 is Outs, exposes.
I needed the front/end letters from the extra words to get the theme (because this isn't poetry as such - or any poet you could possibly know).'s all 'Scotch' to me.
Question Author
Thanks Aldhelm and NAC.
I figured out the fifth and sixth words of the silver cells.
That gave me the last two lines. Also the title, so got 6/5.

The circled letters gave me the author.
Now know what the last word is.
Hopefully the endgame will be straight forward.
Question Author
Thanks ProfessorM. Did not see your comments. Yes, Scotch as Scotch can be.

I don't know if I would call it the loveliest gem.
Hankir, glad you now have the poem - I don't think it'll be one you will return to often! I hope you enjoy the final stage, stages of the puzzle.

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Iq 1757

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