Spectator 2557 ( Heroes/Knights) By Pabulum

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Matakari | 13:17 Sat 28th May 2022 | Crosswords
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Good afternoon, my grid is almost filled except for the unclueds and the knights. I have a list of knights, but it must not be the right one because none of the letters fall into place yet. Can someone suggest the determined point from which I should start looking? Many thanks in advance!


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Second cell down in the righthand column. I will repeat my earlier hint - it shouldn't take you much more than a Mo.
Matakari. it's a pity the big, big hint didn't help. Do you just want a list of all the unclued entries and the knights?
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Thanks, novalis, I'll work on that big hint! I should be able to crack it now, NACW!
Matakari, thanks - but I know that 'should' and 'will' could be totally different! Still, it will be good for you to get this out of the way, even if it proved a bit too much. I'm still disappointed that you didn't get to fully appreciate this one - as a seasoned Spectator-solver, you might have given it top marks. Never mind, maybe next time...
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Yes, it was thrilling to discover the heroes and the link! My initial idea about knighthood took me to the round table for a while until the novalis hint! Now to wrap it up, some answers to the remaining clues, thanks!

14 (A) Girl runs in sandals (5): ?R??A
39 (A) Jack Absolute and Scarlett’s place (4): ??RA
46(A) Brilliant poem’s inside writer (5): ?E??E
39(D) As far as that shrub (5): ??Y?N
I'm glad you found the knights thrilling, Matakari - that's your consolation prize! Good too that AB finished off the clues for you as well.
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I appreciate it, ProfessorMaisie! And thanks again, NACW!
Thanks, Matakari. At least you fared better - a lot better - with a couple of recent Spectator puzzles. You can't win 'em all!

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Spectator 2557 ( Heroes/Knights) By Pabulum

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