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GetOverIt | 13:36 Fri 27th May 2022 | Crosswords
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Stuck with this last one.

" Shakespearean insurrectionary or revolutionary bodyguard " (4)


Can't find anything but possibly Rose? I don't understand the revolutionary bit, which may indicate that the solution backwards or anagrammatised is a word for a bodyguard?

Thanks in Advance.


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eros was antony's bodyguard in antony and cleopatra but i can't see a definition for rose?
Question Author
Thanks aelmpvw- that's the bit I didn't understand - I think the Rose bit is from the Wars of the Roses
Ross (Macbeth) or revolutionary ro and ss-bodyguard
I think the answer is ROSS
good one cashier
Question Author
On reflection - Ross seems a better answer. I thought " or revolutionary " might clue for Ro but didn't see the SS bit.

Thanks Cashier and Woodside 187
the ss were hitler's bodyguard

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Tls 1427

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