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Daij | 16:40 Thu 26th May 2022 | Crosswords
12 Answers
18a Lifting with tool having royal endorsement (12)
21a North American plant from states on opposite coasts (6)
11d Specimen of flower mass on fruit (8)
5d Fortunate finding viral infection solution (6)
3d Harvester that's high-quality classic runs (8)
6d Some secret's escaped turning up Russian coin (8)

Thanks in advance


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6d sesterce - hidden in clue reversed if Roman rather than Russian coin
21. Could be Camass - Ca Mass if your letter M is wrong?
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My 'M' comes from:
Tune that man heard (4)

I have put, HYMN
21a, cuprum
18a An iffy Earthshaking
18 pitchforking??
^ pitch for king (royal)
^^ that looks better Ellie - difficult crossword!
11d, exemplum
^ yes, to pitch for is to endorse
3 vintager?
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Thanks for your help

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