Please Help With St Cryptic 5008. Hopelessly Stuck Today.

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MarMatMal | 18:22 Sun 22nd May 2022 | Crosswords
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Any assistance most gratefully received. 1a simply help Conservatives work for children(4,2,7)????????????? 27a Opportunities to advance in stiff footwear (4,4,5) ?e??????????? 9d One way to policelove and play (4,9)????????????? 17d Noble story left by a philosopher (9) 8d Something clearly colourful an evangelist.’s concocted (8,5)?????????????. Thank you in advance for your kind assistance. Martin.


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1a Just So Stories
27a Dead Mans Shoes
1a just so stories
9d Zero Tolerance
8d Venetian Glass
9d zero tolerance
17d aristotle
8d venetian glass
27a - Dead men's shoes. The e of men's is checked by 21 down.
It is Men's. I was going from memory.
I had to double check it this morning Togo.
Was having a bite to eat novalis. I think I had 21d before 27a this morning so didn't have to think about it then. Consequently I didn't think about it when I answered Martin. :))

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Please Help With St Cryptic 5008. Hopelessly Stuck Today.

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