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johnpiper | 17:34 Fri 20th May 2022 | Crosswords
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Still struggling with the theme TBH
But meantime in the clued clues any help greatly appreciated

1A Perhaps not swinging is sordid (5) I have SE???
11A Local watery pat


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Pressed send to quickly
11A Local watery path to utilise crossing island (6)

40A Distinguished knight in turn needing these (5)

11 Causey, Use inside Cay
1A seedy?
40 knees (seen + K reversed)
1 - seamy
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I thought of seedy but cannot see the cryptic
With Knees that would make 19D the unclued clue- Copernicus i think
A synonym of sordid is seedy, and 'not swinging' can mean 'not lively/not in style/out of fashion/not in the latest style'.
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I think it must be Seamy as 3 down unclued starts with M

I must say that i had not heard of any of the "elements" of this puzzle apart from the one linked to 19 down!
Bookbinder, although that sounds good, it won't work for one of the crossers (a thematic entry)...
I think 1a has to do with 'swing' and 'seam' bowling techniques (cricket).

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Spectator 2556: Recent Origins

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