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Matakari | 18:05 Thu 19th May 2022 | Crosswords
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Good evening, Mr Magoo is back in full force, it seems. While I’m beginning to see the “recent origins”, some clues are baffling me. I would appreciate your help with the answers, thanks!

4(A) I might get candy floss. Like some chocolate? (9, two words):
10(A) State with importance line interrupts fluency (10, two words):
5(D) Like, and unlike, verbal and nominal? (10) : ?????TO?A?
30(D) One entertained by fancy name of Crete’s mountain (6): ?D?PA?
33(D) River, originally high in the heart of Switzerland (5) : R?R??


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4 Fair trade
11 World Power
5 Adjectival
30 You have a mistake
33 You have a mistake.

Fingers crossed that you will fare better with the rest.
I really enjoyed this one. The theme is far from any area of expertise I have but I learnt something from it and that is always a good thing.
Yes, Novalis, it was a great puzzle - and it would have been lovely if Matakari could have shared that enjoyment and sense of achievement. I like themes that make me work a bit harder!

I don't know if he is still the title holder but I do know that the compiler has been the Times crossword champion in the past.
...Matakari, although Mr Magoo is pretty tough, remind yourself that you have probably tackled many of his puzzles over the last decade or so! Not all of his clues are daunting...
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Many thanks, NACW and ProfessorMaisie! My grid should soon be filled now.
That's great, Matakari. I'm sure you will enjoy the rest.

PS I hadn't noticed that you had mistakes in another two of your clues - only 10 A was fine (and it had only one letter). I really would like a peek at your initial grid some time!

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