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professorplum13 | 12:25 Tue 17th May 2022 | Crosswords
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34a Scottish club before hosting Ireland (5) C?I?N cairn ? where does "before" come in?

41a Old contemptible townsman over in France returns for peasant (6) rustic? sur = over...

35d Hazy, not very fit (5) hague? is hague a synonym for hazy?


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35 v ague
35 The clue answer is Ague, but the thematic stuff means things could change.

34 Bradfords crossword dictionary lists An under Before,so it's maybe quite common? The club is Airn.
I41 Maybe the Cur is the old constemptible?
Cit (citizen + sur all reversed.
Thanks, Novalis - I just stuck my answer in on Sunday!
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Thank you both... i had already filled in the C and the H as part of the message and forgot the 2 answers would be 4 not 5....makes sense now!
Thanks, PP. I thought you must be slightly further on with the puzzle, having those extra letters in your entries...

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Ev 1539

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