Iq 1751

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Slugabed | 08:13 Sun 15th May 2022 | Crosswords
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Alphabetical crossword, with clues listed in alphabetical order of their answers. Cryptic elements yield an extra letter, not to be entered in the grid.

Solved quite a few, but struggling a wee bit here, as not able to fit clues in, therefore know any letters in cles, except I have the four 5 letter solutions.

The 7 letter solutions will also be key.

Any help/hints with "Noble friend welcomes enthusiast taking golf up (7)

and 'Small component inside rifle' they begin between L and M

...would be much appreciated


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4-letter friend (that you might encounter in chess) going around (taking up) a 3-letter enthusiast (perhaps a sports tem supporter), itself around Golf. The extra letter is from the enthusiast.

A 4-word component/bit inside small (car or skirt perhaps) - extra letter from the component, solution more familiar as something to drink
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Thank you Cranberryboat - very much appreciated!
(sports "team", and 4-"letter" component ... sorry! Anyway hope it helps - a tricky puzzle but a nice little endgame, very enjoyable)
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Thanks, perfect cranberrynoat - got the x4 10, 7 and 5 letter solutions in place, and now working on slotting in the others. Really appreciate your help. Still can't get 'Mexican thrower in Olympic venue abruptly left (6)

This made me think of the Azteca stadium, but I just can't understand the clue!

Have a nice Sunday Cranberryboat, and take care.
Slugabed, the '...thrower' is a thing, rather than a person.
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Thanks for that Cranberryboat got it now.
Thank you again ....over and out!
I just can't figure out: stable completely rebuilt stockade in Rugby oddly (10). Can anyone help?
Rocksteady (anagram stockade rgy- G)
rock steady
Noble= Magnate -g(golf) & (F)an (enthusiast) reversed inside mate(friend)
Thanks jj109 & aelmpvw, but that's so annoying. I kept playing around with those letters and closest I got was stockyard!!

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Iq 1751

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