Spectator N0 2555 ( 6X2 Mixtures By Doc )

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Matakari | 17:09 Thu 12th May 2022 | Crosswords
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Good evening! I think I’m getting an idea of the theme for Doc’s offering of this week. I’m stuck on the last three clues, answers to which should see me cracking the theme. Many thanks in advance!

22(A) Prevent, for instance, computing command (6, two words): ?A????
35(A)Sergei, maybe, sort of blue, but lacking touch of purple (7): ?US????

36 (D ) Bitter for Pierre eating fries off and on (5) : ?I?R?


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35 (p) Russian
Prussian blue
35 (p)Russian
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Good luck with cracking the theme, Matakari - 'theme' is rather a grand term for this one!
Question Author
Thanks, teenieleek, sandyRoe, toorak and NACW! I should have seen hindsight, it's so straightforward! On to the "mixtures" which are falling into place now!
Thanks, Matakari, The 'falling into place' will take mere minutes, I expect.
Question Author
Good morning, omitted to declare that once the grid was filled I got the unclued “mixtures” quite easily. Doc’s style in this regard was unmistakable!
Thanks, Matakari. It wasn't much of a puzzle really!
35a. (P)Russian (blue)
^ ^ Danny...
Help please ...... almost finished. One clue is holding me up. 24a. Single computing instruction from the nameless president. (5) ?a?r?
Doh ! Thank you ProfessorMaisie. Did not think of France !
..... and thank you dannyk13.
I would just like to add one comment on Doc's crosswords. He is my favourite setter and will always provide a speccie which is hard but not too hard and will be doable and fun. What more can you ask for?
Can you help me with 14 ac, please.

Old tub's revolving cover
I have C?W?
Till2, Cowl - it means both those things, a tub/vessel and a lid.

Farrwest, thanks - Doc is probably my least-favourite setter!
Thank you, NAC.

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Spectator N0 2555 ( 6X2 Mixtures By Doc )

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