Spectator N0 2555 ( 6X2 Mixtures By Doc )

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Matakari | 17:09 Thu 12th May 2022 | Crosswords
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Good evening! I think I’m getting an idea of the theme for Doc’s offering of this week. I’m stuck on the last three clues, answers to which should see me cracking the theme. Many thanks in advance!

22(A) Prevent, for instance, computing command (6, two words): ?A????
35(A)Sergei, maybe, sort of blue, but lacking touch of purple (7): ?US????

36 (D ) Bitter for Pierre eating fries off and on (5) : ?I?R?


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Tilly2, glad I could help.

Farr, it's been a long, long time since I found a Doc puzzle 'hard' or 'fun'. As you asked... I feel I could wish for an awful lot more!
Joining late…..
31A its a fiddle losing a small breed of domestic fowl (6)
I have ?u?tan

22A prevent for instance, computing command (6, two words) ???e?s

I think i understand the mixtures theme but is 13A dielectrics?
22 was answered near the beginning of this - Save As.
31 Sultan (Sultana would have been a fiddle, drop the 'a')
Sorry, I forgot about your 13 A query - No. The entry is two words.
I missed the Save as. Many thanks and yes i also forgot that one was two words which explains why i could see the mixture of its twin unclued light!
many thanks NACW
Glad I could help.
I’m afraid though that I still don’t get the theme! Is 17D Residential? and 20D Dietician? Many thanks.
I don’t get the theme either even though I have most of the clues
Boetius,Cocobunny, the 'theme' is just anagrams.

PS I don't think Dietician is correct, but I don't have my copy.
Thank you ncw
I have dietitian, an anagram of 10d, initiated.

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Spectator N0 2555 ( 6X2 Mixtures By Doc )

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