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Matakari | 13:26 Sun 08th May 2022 | Crosswords
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Good afternoon, I had a great time this week with the Spectator, managing to crack it more quickly now. Also enjoyed Mayhem Parva by Vagans, but with great help for the DOWN clues only.(Identifying missing letters and words is not my bag of tea!) However, I was surprised to crack the theme with a cursory glance at the completed grid. Now on to A Puzzle by Prolixic, a difficult one, but for which I have already got some of the interesting heteronyms. Help with the remaining clues should help with determining the remaining heteronyms. Thanks in advance!

How many solutions form heteronyms – words that change their meaning depending on how they are pronounced?

3 (A) Pilot light's fuelled with a drop of acetylene (4) : ???M ( BEAM )
11 (A) Comes across European in baseball team (5) : M???S
13 (A) Take away AC/DC back on board vehicle (7) : D?N???S
30(A) Painful condition of deer reportedly seen by brook (9) : H?A?O???N

2(D) Prophet gives home to Welsh tailor (5): O?W??
4(D) English principles bar Conservative expulsions (9) : E?I?S?A??
7(D) Responsible for island briefly being subdued (9) : O?E?T?R?E


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2 Sewer
11a Me-e-ts (Mets are a baseball team)
11a meets
11 Meets
11 meets (E for European in Mets, baseball team)
3 Lead
30. ? Heartburn (hart/heart)
30 Heartburn
4d Emissions?
4 Evictions
Ta, cashier, nice one.
13 Min IB us
7d ?? Overtired
Matakari, well done on almost finishing the Spectator puzzle, managing some of Vagans offering and now making some headway with Prolixic... This week's Listener is brutal if you're up for a challenge!
Question Author
Many thanks, all, I'm almost there now!
The last two:

1(A) Beer barrel in front of a ship (4) : B?S?
28(D) Leaders of world organisation undo nuclear disarmament creating hurt (5) : W?U?O

And thanks, NACW, but I think this week's Listener is way beyond me!
1a.Bass ?
28d.Wound- initial letters in clue
Question Author
Thanks, dannyk13, it was an interesting heteronyms exercise, indeed!
Question Author
Good day, just reading over my answers and am pretty sure that I've got the heteronyms. One clue I'm not so sure of and would appreciate some confirmation, thanks.

25 Safe made from tungsten free metal (5) : P?R?R
Peter - pewter(metal) minus W(Tungsten)
Question Author
Thanks, Dannyk13!

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Mppp120- A Puzzle By Prolixic (Hvttp:// )

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