Stm Super Cryptic 01-05-2022

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michaelinoz | 05:50 Fri 06th May 2022 | Crosswords
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Can anyone help explain the answer to this clue?

Seen in Sunday Times Magazine Super Cryptic (Western Australia):

Not, you say, the girl (4)



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'Anne' sounds like (you say) 'an-', meaning 'not'
07:51 Fri 06th May 2022
Thought I'd bump this one up the list.
I'd like to know the parsing.
An E, not U, 'you,say'...? That's all I can come up with!
Bird- not sounds like knot.
'Anne' sounds like (you say) 'an-', meaning 'not'
E.g. 'anechoic', 'anhydrous'
Well done Etch.
what a horrible clue x
i thought Anne might be wrong, but what do i know......
I agree Mally.
H'mm, I'm not keen on the 'an=not', especially as it's not in Chambers. It's definitely not a good or elegant clue!
Third definition:
a- or (before a vowel, and in scientific compounds before h) an- prefix, signifying not; without; opposite to • amoral • ahistorical • anaemia • anhydrous.
THanks, Etch - informative, helpful etc... but I still dislike the c,lue itself!
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Thanks, Etch, and all of you for quick replies.
I agree, sometimes the clue just isn't that hot.

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Stm Super Cryptic 01-05-2022

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