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saladdodger | 17:10 Sun 01st May 2022 | Crosswords
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There may be letters missing from the wordplay or extra letters in the wordplay...
Please help with the parsing of these...
41a Old name of city OK for Australia - local plan accommodating that area DJAKARTA

25a Former European bank on good terms with French (5, 2 words) EN AMI

1d Agent of destruction, wrapped in rubber, ready for deployment USABLE ule = rubber

44d Be happy? Take care at school AVE


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41 JAK[e] is oz slang for ok ['e' extra] and DART = 'plan' (also oz dialect)
25 The former bank is the E.M.I (the other 2 letters are dropped from wordplay).
1 SAB for saboteur/'destructive agent inside ULE
44 [c]AVE is school Latin for 'beware' ['c' extra].
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Many thanks for those Prof.
I now have everything except for what to put in the 4 blank cells in the middle row.....don't really understand the preamble...even though i have the message from the "25 extras" and have the additive filled in on the bottom line. I am probably missing some of the "missing letters" from wordplay...
The bottom row is a chemical compound. Google it and it will give you a hint for the centre row.
That is what I did. Hope I am right.
Question Author
grrr... i foolishly put Nitrate on the bottom all is clear!!!
It wouldn't hurt to check your 'C' count, saladdodger - I think there could be a little trap for the unwary in one of the across entries (or maybe it was just me}.
Prof... i just used the chemical formula...i had the correct number of the 1st 2 but a couple short on the others but heigh-ho....
I think the Os are safe enough, roslyn, but there are fewer Cs and they're never doubly checked by both across and down clues (so you'd have to be missing one altogether to fall short of the count).
I'd entered something very early on and forgotten all about (it fits the definition pretty well and has a letter missing in the wordplay - but not one that works thematically by itself).
My 6th C is on the row directly above my final O (symmetrically opposite, L to R).

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Ev 1537

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