The Very Logical Prize Puzzle 363

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Matakari | 17:53 Sat 19th Mar 2022 | Crosswords
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Good evening, I'm stuck on the last two and would appreciate answers.
Thanks in advance!

15.( A ) White rat assuredly displays monstrosities. (6) : T?R?T? ( TAROTS )
20 ( D ). What one does with phlegm or, reluctantly perhaps, with a subscription. (6,2) : ?O?C?S?I


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15 Terata? Hidden in the clue.
20 Coughs Up, double meaning
Have checked dictionaries - Terata does equal monstrosities (deformed foetuses!).
Question Author
Thanks, NACW! 20(d) seems quite good, but my answer for 33(A) suggests that it should end with "I".
33 (A) Not where a prison escapee wants to be - getting public attention! (2,3,9)

Could 33(a) be faulty?
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Thanks, Matakari. Your 'Limelight' didn't work (for the clue) so I'm glad Ellipsis helped you out there.
Question Author
Thanks, Ellipsis and NACW, I needed to go beyond the "limelight", indeed!
Ellipsis put you in the Spotlight, Matakari - just what you needed. I don't know how you got Limelight in the first place - maybe it just fitted some of your letters?!
Question Author
It fitted neatly, but it was just not the right synonym, NACW!
Thanks, Matakari - yes, I know how it doesn't work, I was just surprised at it being a possibility for you. Limelight/prison, there seemed no reason for linking those - letters that fit aren't always a good idea on their own!.
I know I asked a question last time but the first day and four weeks to find the answer is a bit soon surely.
Matakari is always very ... keen to have his puzzles finished quickly.
I had noticed.

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The Very Logical Prize Puzzle 363

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