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alidoc | 22:38 Wed 16th Mar 2022 | Crosswords
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1d Piece of armour once man has incomplete set on top. pl?c?at is this placcat ? , in a sense placket would be better but Chambers only gives me placket or placcat, help with parsing gratefully received, I'm cautiously optimistic that my other across answers are correct


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PLAC(e)+CAT = 'man' (slang)
Wiktionary recognises 'placcat':
I can see your parsing

incomplete (to) set = PLAC(e) + CAT = 'hey man' in jazzy terminology.
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Thanks ProfMaisie I was thinking the chap was Pat !
Now I see why you were tempted by 'placket', alidoc ('lack' for 'incomplete' inside Pat).
...or 'plackat', maybe?
In its entry for 'placate' (as a synonym for 'placard'), the OED lists 'placcat' among earlier forms of the word. However, as it says that that form was used during the 1500s and 1600s, the Azed setter appears to be even older than I am!

^^^ that would have to be 'pet' not 'pat' though, ProfM?
sorry, crossed posts Prof. :))
Yes, Captain2 - I think alidoc meant to type 'plackAt would be better', and the first 'plackEt' was a typo (but the answer is definitely PLACCAT).

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Azed 2596 Help With Parsing Please

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