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Mic1234 | 10:19 Sun 13th Mar 2022 | Crosswords
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Good morning,
Hope someone can help, thank in advance

6a - Head is behind society photographer (7), assuming my down are correct
A x A x x x R
6d - Bob and Lily in old Wiltshire city (5), I think I have this wrong - ARUMS

Again, thank you


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6 snapper
6d Sarum (Salisbury) = S(hilling/bob) + Arum (lily)
6A I got “snapper” meaning photographer so think your down is incorrect. I’m not sure where “head” and “society” fit in though. ER maybe “head” (Elizabeth Regina)?
Snapper - s(society ) + napper(slang for head)
Apparently “napper” is slang for your head, which was news to me!

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