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JJ109 | 11:30 Mon 07th Mar 2022 | Crosswords
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Wordplay in each of the down clues contains a superfluous letter. In clue order,
these spell out an instruction to remove six unpleasant figures from the completed
grid before submitting your entry.

I am going round the bend - I have solved all but two/three clues and I don't know what I have to do! It took 40 minutes to do the rest but 5 hours for the last little bit!

11d Vessel left on river invaded by sheep (4) E _ E _
(ewer or ewes or something else - remember there is a superfluous letter in the wordplay)
Also a texel is a sheep, river exe and Left
None of these seem to parse!!!

28a Old coin — the way edge has worn away (6) _ A _ N _ R
(Tanner but why?)
13a Child that is following captain in story (6) _ I _ D _ E
(KIDDIE - but why "in story")

The superfluous letters spell ERASESP_YSDEVILS
What the heck does that mean?

Many thanks


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tainT in 16d rather than Stain then could give SPLIT which then makes sense (I'M for the writer gives the i)
13:24 Mon 07th Mar 2022
13a isn't there a fictional captain kidd?
Question Author
I thought he was a real person Ael! - Captain William Kidd
Tanner is another word for the old sixpenny piece, but can't parse it.
Question Author
That is as far as I got Danny
JJ, the word manner could be 'the way' if that helps.

i meant as well as the real captain kidd :-)
Question Author
I have just seen what the theme is getting at
I can now confirm the K of Kiddie is correct also!
Question Author
It is Tanner Danny - now I have the theme it begins TAN
Question Author
I now have seen the 6 theme words. They are all words for devils etc
28a Tanner is therefore definitely correct although I can't parse it. I have Tann_r

13a is KI_ D _ _ so looks like Kiddie
But I still need 11d E _ _ _ (although the third letter is an E if kiddie is correct)

But what can the missing letter be in "erasesp_ ysdevils"?
Question Author
Danny you were correct
The manner - hem = tanner
instead of SP?YS it could be SP?ES ( E from ME - the writer, rather than MY)
Question Author
That would make the superfluous letter of 11d an "i"
tainT in 16d rather than Stain then could give SPLIT which then makes sense (I'M for the writer gives the i)
Question Author
That certainly makes sense for the theme Ros!

That makes the superfluous letter for 11d an "L" -
E _ _ _ (superfluous letter L and probably 3rd letter an E)
JJm that would leave eft, a newt, so how would that fit in?
Isn't 11 D just Ewer, pitcher? L, left and R, river, with Ewe, sheep inside (invaded by). Then the L is dumped...
Question Author
Thanks Nac - I came to that conclusion also - but it seems strange to have a non word taking out the L to make a word!
Question Author
Thanks everybody - I am going with Kiddie and Ewer
Thanks, JJ109, the 11 D discussion seemed to be continuing, rather than being resolved!

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Guardian Genius 225

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