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viscountb | 00:09 Sat 12th Feb 2022 | Crosswords
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Any help appreciated:

8a Present Samaritan, good or otherwise who appears in story from the gospels. ?r?? (4).

20a It's up to you to find it! Just as you have for the other 29. Or noy yet as the case may be.
?n?a?r (6).


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20a answer (are there 30 answers for this crossword)
Question Author
Yes thanks JJ109 for that.
I have ARAB for 8a. (Contained in PARABLE)
What have you for 28a? I think 28a has to be SPITE but dunno why. Where does 135 degrees fit in?
werbone, why not post your own question with the clue so others can help!!
My bad, Captain2!
28a Indulging nasty desire to be hurtful to others, I put mine in 135o. [degrees]. S _ I _ E.
I think I know now why it's SPITE but I'll leave it with you a while.
Isn't 135 degrees S(outh) E(ast)?

Haven't got the clue so can't help further.
we crossed posts there ^^^
Yes, I just twigged that much too. Then PIT is a MINE in between.

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The Phoenix February 11 2022

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