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montypython | 16:11 Tue 25th Jan 2022 | Crosswords
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18a c op
t 5,10 ?o?E? t?p?R?T?o?


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Covert Operation. C Ove T Operation.
Sorry, that should read C Over T Operation.
Covert operation
RTE No 5
18a Power if Attorney

15a A two-way whistle (4) T?o?

15 Toot
oops that should be power Of attorney
18 POA? Letter count?
letter count 5,2,8.

Thank you Mamyalynne, I thought of Toot as it would
fit in with 16d So tense...too many strings attached (4,6 or 10)
I thought over strain but just noticed that can't be ~ it
over s?r?n?
the N is coming from 29a ...dispatched from a shabby nest ~
I put sent
Should go back to the drawing board with this one .. lol
I'm obviously misunderstanding you, is 'Power of attorney' a clue ?
Over strung
16d Overstrung
I think poorclare is suggesting Power of Attorney as the answer to 18a, ie the original OP's question. But it doesn't fit with letters or NaC's parsing.
Sorry about that POA was the answer to 18a

ah overstrung fits, Thank you my friends.
Hope you have a pleasant evening.

poorclare - Power of Attorney is NOT the answer to 18a.
I think OP's clue is from an earlier issue than Clare's.
Ah, thanks Mamya - crossed wires all round. :))
Sorry Covert Operation was the clue to 18a Issue 04
and Power of Attorney is the answer to this weeks Issue 05

sorry sorry sorry ~ I think it is time Polly put the Kettle on
or I'm my case Clare

Thank you for your help.
Exactly what I'm about to do too, Clare.

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