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DavedF | 13:59 Mon 24th Jan 2022 | Crosswords
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Cryptic clue from 'Clean Slate' eco magazine

"Film containing many shots from an intense angle?"

4 letters, of which I have two, _A_S


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Thanks Neveracrossword

I had thought of Jaws, but I still can't see how it fits as a cryptic clue - perhaps because I have never seen the film so am missing something?
I don't think it is cryptic. Just a description of the camera work.
(watch somebody come along and make me look stupider than I am) ;-)
Impossible :-J
possibly ... an intenSE Angle
As soon as I posted it, ken. ;-)
I thought the 'angle' in the clue meant fishing....
Question Author
Many thanks all. I now 'sea' that there are several angles to this clue, but they all do seem to point in the Jaws direction

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