Spectator N0 2539 ( Pabulum )

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Matakari | 09:30 Fri 21st Jan 2022 | Crosswords
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Good morning, getting there gradually. Got a good idea for the final Unclueds, but need some answers for the following, thanks!
27 Palest Greek broods beside Troy (7) : G?EYTS?
( Had GREYISH at first… )
30 Cyst entered round potato (6) : RAN?LE ( RANKLE )
19 Kittens probably go, put in one (10, two words): ?I???????Y
( Thought HIGH COMEDY…)

A verification for my 14(D), thanks!

14 Ancient bod ran common nag ragged (12, two words, one hyphened):


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14.Anagram of ran common nag
30 Ranula
19 Litter Tray
14. Yes - thought you'd recognise the anagram indicator, ragged.
He's getting there NAC.
Danny, I think WE are getting him there! Last night's batch of answers was to 'help him through', but couldn't have been enough.

I'm sure Matakari will manage the unclued entries...
19D Litter ("kittens probably") + tray ("go" for "try" with an "a" inserted, i.e. "put in one").

That's gone straight into my "Top Ten Greatest Cryptic Clues Of All Time".
Yes, LancastrianOik, there were some great clues in this puzzle.
Question Author
Now have all the shaded letters except one in clue 24(D) for which I'm seeking an answer. I thought I needed the letters STEED in the answer, but am not managing to parse it.

24(D) Poet’s set about breaking bad steed (8): ?E?T?D?E
Anagram of bad steed
Novalis, thought about that but the only word I can make from bad steed is bedstead and I can't parse that with poets set.
There is another anagram that fits the pattern and parses
Danny, Try Chambers Word Wizard. It is there.
Novalis, thanks for that. Another school day for me.
Question Author
Thanks, all! It's all in Chambers as a definition of "set about" for the anagram STEED and BAD.

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Spectator N0 2539 ( Pabulum )

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