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Matakari | 15:57 Thu 20th Jan 2022 | Crosswords
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Good evening, some answers for Pabulum would be appreciated to get me through, thanks in advance.

1 Take in fire shoe for small firefighter? (11, two words):
15 Evil spirit with heart of grotty sod (5) : ??T?T
18 Bard’s ashes left in peace (5) : E??E?
21 Capuchin pressing for porticos (5) :S???O
39 Vicious Latvian tailed prince (6): L???A?

1 Peter and legless Tony nick miners’ equipment (10, two words):
4 A river very clear with wavy sheen – it sparkles (12, two words):


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39 Lethal
Matakari, you have several mistakes.
PS This is the best puzzle we've had for a while- worth the effort!
Perrier water
The mistakes are in 15, 18,21 and 1 D.
As NACW says - the best for ages. Those answers should help you resolve your mistakes and finish it.
1,Stirrup pump.
There you go, Matakari - another batch of answers for you. As well as the effort of solving, you missed out on the enjoyment of solving!
I'd agree. The best for ages- 19D made me laugh out loud.
Thanks, Novalis and LancastrianOik - so nice to see a crossword being appreciated! The setter obviously put a lot of time and effort into this one, and it was well worth it.
Question Author
Many thanks, all, for the great help! I've got the theme, so working out my remaining Unclueds has now become more interesting.
Thanks, Matakari.There are only six unclued entries, you should manage that!

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