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tenacross | 20:25 Mon 17th Jan 2022 | Crosswords
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1 Down Peebles very much part of it ? Right says Fred (5,5 or 10 letters) ?L?N???O?E
2 Down How Dr Jekyll his letter to Mr Hyde ( 4+2 letters) ?E?R ??
12 Across When it all comes to earth the price of English cricket (5 Letters) ?????

Thanks very much


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1 Flintstone?
12A Ashes. Cricketers play for the Ashes Cup.
2 Dear Me?

The ?? are because the RTE puzzles are often a bit odd!
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Thanks very much folks for great answers.
2s okay as Dear Me assuming you missed a word from the clue (How Dr J adresses hisletter....)

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