Everyman 16/1 /22 25 Across

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Rslstaff | 13:23 Mon 17th Jan 2022 | Crosswords
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Can’t parse this one. Is the answer revolutionary? How does speed of light fit in?


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dunno - don't get that paper!
Hi Rslstaff, it's always nice to include the clue - I think you mean 20d?

20d Speed of light covering no distance: that is revolutionary (6)

Commie - 'c (speed of light) 0 mm (zero millimetres) ie (that is)'

If you *did* mean 25a -

Costumier for Tom Cruise (7)

Anagram - 'costumier' for (is an anag of) 'Tom Cruise'

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Everyman 16/1 /22 25 Across

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