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Matakari | 17:29 Mon 10th Jan 2022 | Crosswords
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Good evening, another plea for answers for Obi by Wan to get me through, thanks in advance!

A word in each of nine across clues contains two extra letters, and a word in each of the down clues contains one extra letter. All extra letters are in the wordplay part of clues and leave real words behind. The extra letters in down clues hint at how to use all but one pair of letters from the nine across clues uniformly in the grid. Solvers should use the remaining pair appropriately writing the result under the grid. The final grid contains all real words, including one proper noun.
The Chambers Dictionary (2016) is the primary reference.

10 Over half of folk want that quilt (6) : ???TH?
11 Wash inside sesame plant (6 ): ???S??
14 Lisa playing kora for Jack (6) : ???L??
22 Hear a large number destroyed (5) : ??N??
8 Spill rupees moving in gadi (5): T?P??
32 Mainly winch all forms of species in gradation (6) :??I???
33 Temple's ruin with stuff put outside (5): F???R
34 Widen stiff belt when trimming edges inferior in standard (5): ?P??E
35 Early footless and headless being seen in compound (5) : ?E???
37 Tippers perhaps carrying last of slate to protected side (4) : R???


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There's another thread, Parses Please, on this puzzle - I saw it earlier today. I don't know if any of your queries are mentioned, solved, there.
PS The setter contributed to that one...
10 wt KANTHA
11 wh TEASEL
14 ka SAILOR
22 hr EATER
33 i PAGOD
34 n WORSE
35 g OLEIN
37 s AREG
sorry, 22 is EATEN (def destroyed - 'large number' = TEN)
...and 37 is ALES (I've given you the entry at that point, sorry).
...and 8d is TAPER, sorry again (my grid has been overwritten).
...wrong yet again for 37d - ALEE (def 'protected side')
...for 37 the wordplay gives 'Tippers perhaps' for ALE[s] with last of 'slatE' inside [extra letter 's'].
...of course the 's' is removed from the clue itself, so it should be - ''Tipper[s] perhaps carrying ...''
Enjoy the endgame, Matakari (I think it's very neat).
Question Author
Many thanks, ProfessorMaisie, I'm working on the rest of the puzzle, a real labyrinth, indeed!
Have fun with the rest, Matakari - and I hope the other thread was of interest.
What are the extra letters in these clues please?.....the ones i thought they were don't make sense...
18d Most tint over fancy upright mouldings . I have CYMAS
28a I grant you that Scots matelot, Ian, drank poison. I have OUABAIN
I can see the matelot AB and anagram of Ian and ouabain is a poison..Ou from you with Y extra??
possibly tin(T) and (D)rank ??
Not quite finished yet
Yes, A+D are the extras -
'Most of tin' = CAS(h) around the exclamation MY ('fancy'!).
'I grant you that' is OU in Scottish ('expressing concession', Chambers) + AB and 'rank' is the anagram indicator for 'Ian'.
Sorry,T (not A) and D, as you wrote, professorplum.
Excellent puzzle....especially the endgame!
I agree, roslyn - the endgame is serenely unruffled (after the torment of so many very obscure clues).
Question Author
Good morning,
A great brain scorcher that keeps the neurons firing, hi hih hi! Out of my league here, but keep learning thanks to the erudition of people like ProfessorMaisie, Roslyn, NACW…
Far to go still with the following, please!
15 US force is ready in Ethiopia (4) : ?IRR
18 Disaster forgetting one area creating birds’ areas (6) : CR?SSI
21 Rabbit on in church yard (5) : C?N?Y ( CONEY )
25 Tired member seen around club (4) ?ERG ( BERG )
27 Irish spirit is number 2 spirit of Egypt (5) : P?O?A ( POOJA )
33 Plants rarer in September on reflection (4) : PEA?
42 Sing in the French method (4) : L?NE
1 Twin town in Malta with one in Scotland (4) : S?TE
2 Commercial boy stops on account of works (5) : U?ERA
17 Gold sold for one (4) ??L?

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