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Matakari | 10:26 Sun 09th Jan 2022 | Crosswords
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Many thanks for your observations, NACW. I think I started the Spectator for this year with marked progress, though. I needed to request just about four confirmations. I expect to continue in a positive way. Meanwhile, I have a challenge with Prolixic’s offering for which I seek further answers for my own edification. I do not enter the contest with this one. Thanks in advance!
4 Grasping odd pieces of jewellery (8) : ?U?B?I?G ( BURBLING )
11 Cardinal's to turn rector out (4) : W?S? ( WYSS )
12 Slashed watercolour! (4) : ???E
15 Make a note in organ book (7) : E?R???
25 Reportedly take one's place to eat? (4) : ?A?L
28 Chess player with success on line (5) : ?W??
3 Make reduction of noble gas (4) : E?R?
10 Picking phone maker's phone up right away (13) : B???????R?R?G
14 Supporter of everyone visiting bar with peer getting drunk (4-6 : ???????R?R
21 Turns out only child and dogs ( 6 ): ???U?S
22 Green drink officer brought up (6) : ???D?W ( MTN DEW )


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14 Pall Bearer = anagram peer, all and bar
Can't see the 12 one yet
Question Author
Many thanks, bobbinwales! Would be happy to have some feedback for the others, too! I've just completed the Sunday Times and am on to t Mephisto now. These seem to be much more stimulating than the present one.Thanks again!
10 I suggested 'blackberrying' yesterday
Matakari, I'm glad you appreciate the help from Bobbinwales. You mentioned 'feedback for the others'. Don't our answers, parsing help with those? I think the only one outstanding might be 12 A.
Elliemay1, I think there's a few of us who are invisible!
12 could that be 'splashed...' instead?
Elliemay1, it's definitely 'Slashed', I printed off the puzzle.
Ok, thanks NAC
two iffy guesses that are probably not right

Lake (if you piut a slash through watercolour to split the word up into water and colour, then lake is a double definition)

Saxe (blue, water colour) and it has axe (slash) but I cannot parse the "S"

Talk about clutching at straws!
For 12, I quite like Pale, the colour of water after you've slashed, urinated!
Question Author
Many thanks, all, for the massive help which I'm studying now. Some interesting detective work is in order to discover the five pairs of solutions and the word that links them.
Question Author
Good evening,
I'm back to Prolixic and seek a confirmation for what I believe to be the linking word for the five pairs. I have three of them:

28(A) /20(A): White Lily pad
19(A) / 23(A): Blue Crepe
24 (A) / 22 (D) : Rose Meadow

The common denominator seems to be: COLOUR

Thanks in advance for your insight!
No, you're on a shopping trip for the link.
...all around the UK.

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