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HawkCrossword | 22:45 Fri 07th Jan 2022 | Crosswords
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That was a strange journey - Thanks Agricola!

I'd be frankly amazed if anyone finds the first two locations before the third, but let's see. I found them in order 3, 2, 1, connection.

Some devious clues, and I also enjoyed the (39 or 40 in total) instruction.


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Delighted that what at first glance looked like a theme turned out to be a red herring! This is a clever interweaving of ideas that led to a series of satisfying revelations. I got in a muddle trying to keep some of the jumbled groups separate but it all works out OK (I think). Nice clues too, though I'll never warm to extra letters coming from two-letter abbreviations (just my personal preference).

All in all good fun, and thanks to Agricola for the workout. As it happens, I found the locations in the order 1, 2, 3!
Me too.
Post Mortem 4690

1. Didn't solve 20D (SEARAT) and still don't understand it
2. Had BEDFORD FALLS for top row - which was understandable but careless
3. Didn't know where to insert 3 bars though that now seems not too difficult.
Edward Teach, better known as Blackbeard, for one is the SEARAT (pirate)

SET (class) keeping in ARA (Amateur Rowing Association - is the group responsible for rows)
4693 was a game of two halves - delightful clues, gridfill and PDM then followed by a tedious wordsearch.

Good workout though and some nice red herrings along the way.

Thanks Agricola

Thanks for the SEARAT explanation
Bit underwhelmed by this one. Some nice clues but at no point was I wowed by its cleverness.
In total agreement with Sunny-Dave.

Thanks, Agricola.
Rather enjoyed the treasure hunt and found the locations in the expected order. Now left with the slightly tedious business of finding the jumbles...
I have filled the grid bar four entries and have identified the first two locations and the connection between them, also have worked out the description of one of the foreign synonyms.

I have a possible candidate for the third location but the grid not yielding any associated names. Just to confuse the issue I have identified a word in the grid which is associated with the theme but I don't see how it directly links to a third location.

I didn't expect to complete this puzzle and I was right!

Eagerly awaiting the answer in three weeks time, not sure if my reaction is going to be "doh!" or "huh?", hopefully the latter.
I don’t see actually how you could possibly get location 3 before the others but it just shows there’s more than one way to crack a nut
The “word search” I didn’t think tedious at all; just a steady process of elimination
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Hi ichkeria. I got there via solving the clues in the extra wordplay letters. One of them could only be related to Location 3.
I’d found that too but there’s no way I’d have made the connection at the time. It just seemed irrelevant.

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Listener 4693 Location Location Location By Agricola

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