Guardian Genius 223

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LeenaH | 16:44 Thu 06th Jan 2022 | Crosswords
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Two cryptic clues are side by side. Solutions to be entered cyclically starting anywhere in the designated space
Crimson dresses fashion label figure thought most unexciting - clean clothing line by the French (8 and 7)
As per the instructions the letters a to z must appear once in the perimeter.
The only letters left (after solving all other clues) are c and k
Not sure if I am right
All help appreciated


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(dullest and reckoned)

(crimson)= red (dresses = surrounds) (fashion label) CK (/ Calvin Klein) + one (figure) = reckoned (thought)

Dullest = dust around L(ine) Le (french "the")
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Thanks a lot

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Guardian Genius 223

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