Spectator Christmas Crossword-Dectet

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johnpiper | 09:16 Sun 19th Dec 2021 | Crosswords
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Well this is a humdinger of a crossword and i am making steady progress but am stymied by a few of what i think are conventional clues and am missing the name of the instrumentalist and the second singer
2D Homer playing a trumpet (6) C?R??? (presumably Cornet but why?)
17A old region in isle one visits (5) ???IA maybe ELBIA?
30A godless fellow mouths woman's name (5) ???R? presumably CLARE after John Clare?
77D Chinese is fine (5) SE?I? (maybe this is a special clue?)

88A Spain's seriously dry governor (6) E?A??H
114A japan adoring endless breaks (6) O???IN
104D Flower in exotic sauce (6) IA???P maybe last three letters are LIP in which case the I and the A are dubious
Many thanks
i must say that this still is an enormous challenge
All help gratefully received


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instumentalist is at 99d,1d
singers surnames 12d and 61d

2d 1st 3 letters synonym for Homer + on (playing) + a
17a Iona is the island ....
30a last 3 letters are ora (mouths)
77d last 4 letters are synonym for fine

88a E (spain) + 5letter synonym for parch
114a anagram of adorin(g) .....synonym for japan ...look in chambers or bradfords
104d your I and P are wrong.... 5 letter river (south west england) + I(in)
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Thank you i have not heard of cor!!!
Neither had i ...Bradfords is very useful!
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117d base wastrel (4) not a clue!
My error here is not getting 34 down as a prolific ?
And thinking37 A is a secription of 61d which i presume it isnt. And thanks for your help on 30 across which i assume is now ANORA but still struggling on 1D
For 99d,1d put your known letters n the Universal Crossword solver...

13a is the 37a
34 is a synonym for a type of sportsman...more usually what he hits the ball with!!

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That gives me vibrant for 1d which does seem correct?
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Thank you for all your help so far. what an unusual word for Japan.

why is 46 across EST?
42A End of sonnet 46 in anthology(6) ???f??
111 Pleader let down 20 inside (5) i have ?AKE?
98A Cheers almost ring out and reverberate (6) hyphened
30a is Onora
1d (surname to go wth 99d) starts with G
46a est synonym of programme ...anagram of tenSE T v
42a F is wrong defn is end of a need 46a inside a 3 letter anthology
111a E is wrong ...defn is an Indian pleader/ambassador/headman...98a hyphen is after 2nd letter ...anagram of cheer(s) + O (ring)
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You are so kind. Thx
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Now all i am left with is what the famous Mathematician watched?
I know that the last two words are GO BY
I am assuming the antepenultimate word is STARS but i may be wrong?
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Spectator Christmas Crossword-Dectet

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