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LeenaH | 19:39 Wed 08th Dec 2021 | Crosswords
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Each down clue contains a superfluous word to be ignored in arriving at the solution. Each across entry in the grid may be deduced from its clue combined in the same way with one of the superfluous down clue words.
2d Cold nurse disregards injured dog (9)
I had thought the word is anagram of first 2 words and 3rd word is superfluous. But since the answer starts with C I am wrong.
Please help.
As such I have got only 4 down clues
1, 9,23,25
Is answer to 14d
Plagiarise book to stop shy chronicler writing badly (9)
Superfluous word Plagiarise?
Thanks in advance


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2d scoundrel
14 D. Yes, Crib, plagiarise, B, book, inside Sling, shy.
Sorry, for 14 D, Chronicler is the superflous word.
Instead of the answer to 1a ('cachou') a word sounding like it is entered - CASHEW (I think this is why you thought the answer to 2d started with 'c').
...and the definition for the entry at 1a comes from the superfluous word in 1d - 'nut'.

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Guardian Genius 222

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