Three Left! Phoenix December 3Rd

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Echobongo | 18:38 Tue 07th Dec 2021 | Crosswords
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13a Every joker has them: alcohol mixed and ready to be drunk, and cocaine ready to be snorted (10) ?U?C?L?N?S - Is it quicklines and if so how?

27a In other words, time passes in an odd way, and that makes one happy (7) ??E?S?S

7d Article possessed by all immediate family members, except female siblings (3) T?E THE is the obvious answer as ARTICLE but why the rest of the clue?


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13 Punchlines
13a punchlines
7 The is in Mother/Father/Brother
moTHEer, faTHEr, broTHEr . . . but not sister.
quick lines answers both parts of the qn
7 Father, brother and mother all have The in them - Sister/sisters doesn't.
^ sorry, forget mine!
27 Pleases from Elapses

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Three Left! Phoenix December 3Rd

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