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dannyk13 | 14:09 Thu 02nd Dec 2021 | Crosswords
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Just received a Notebook and pen from The Telegraph for a Saturday Crossword.I have no idea which crossword. Anybody any ideas?



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No idea, danny, but well done x
Well done. It's more than well deserved for all the help you give people on this site. The notebook and pen is a runners-up prize for the Saturday crypyic.
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// for the Saturday crypyic.//
Strange, the only Saturday one I do is the Giant GK.
Interesting. The GK prizes are Amazon vouchers and Collins Dictionary/Thesaurus sets.
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I've e-mailed the Telegraph and await a reply with interest.
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Just received a reply to my e-mail,It was my prize for the Cryptic Connections in the newsletter.
so you'll be making a start on your memoirs then?
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Dave, memoirs in relation to what?
well you've got a pen & a notebook - the rest is up to you!
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Dave, with the number of years my memoirs would cover I would require a few more notebooks.:-)
Well done, Danny! Is that the puzzle Matakari has been trying to master?
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NAC, yes.
Thanks, Danny. You, I am sure, fully deserve the win- I expect you did the whole puzzle single-handed!
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NAC, I must say that, due to all the letters being provided,I find the Cryptic Connections easier than the normal crossword.
I agree, Danny, having all the letters available makes it less of a challenge - but Matakari's ... attempts can be amusing! Horses for courses and all that....
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Matakari is certainly a trier and I would like to see him win.
I would like to see Matakari do well enough to win!

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