Rte No 49 ~ Rosebud ~

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poorclare | 20:45 Mon 29th Nov 2021 | Crosswords
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Need help with this last one, please.

22a ...and no better man to badger and hound (5) ?a?r?

Thanking you


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22A Harry.
Question Author
Thank you my friends, must admit I don't get it,
a go on enlighten me, (I'll possibly kick myself ~ lol )
Haryy, Badger and Hound all mean to pester/harass.
Question Author
Thank you Mamyalynne
Hope you have a pleasant evening, very cold would need some
of that Chilli.
Yes, it is cold.
Hi Sheilak.

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Rte No 49 ~ Rosebud ~

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