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hankir | 15:52 Thu 25th Nov 2021 | Crosswords
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Stuck on 20d.
Stokes main furnaces at last for hosts (6) SCO?ES

Only 3 letters fit but not clear how any of them fit the clue.


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Scores fits Hosts (many)

Rest of parse isn't too clear to me.
Main could be Core
Question Author
Thanks Mamyalynne.
Hosts, means lots', so Scores, lots. It could be S Core (furnace)S.
...S meaning Stokes is listed in Chambers.Core, is main, and the S is as said.
Question Author
Thanks NAC.
Once I realized Stokes can be abbreviated to S, parsing was easy.
Thanks, Hankir. The S/stokes was new to me, so your question added to my knowledge!

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Spctator 2534

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