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Crisinterpreting | 12:34 Thu 25th Nov 2021 | Crosswords
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Have answer. Understand the minus part but can't parse the "o's". Why o why?


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Everyman 3,919

Ominous - 'u(niform)' (in) 'o (nothing) minus (less)'
Sorry - "to be worn" - go around
Another sorry, been away from the screen - on second (& slower) reading, you're right, my parse doesn't work. I'll gladly take a better answer from someone...
The clue was amended on the online version because it didn’t work. Changed to ‘creepy old oscar wearing less’
Had a quick look & the Guardian site says -

"The clue for 17 across has been corrected." It now reads -

Creepy old Oscar wearing less (7) - so

Ominous - 'o(ld)' + 'O(scar)' (wearing) 'minus' (less)
Should've refreshed the screen, sorry.

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