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Daij | 19:50 Wed 10th Nov 2021 | Crosswords
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5d X might represent this organ (5)
4d New in this country , present name 'alien' (7)
9a Time right after strip for a noted man (6)
13a Seize one's money (7)
14d Barely perceptible hand gesture , but it should heat things up. (9)

Thanks in advance


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5 Times
14d is Microwave
9 Bartok, composer, noted man.

13 Impound.
4 Unknown
Question Author
Thanks very much for your help
4d Unknown
Glad we could help, Daji.
^^Is that an anagram? :))
No, Togo, it's a typo...sorry!
Haha Neveraxword. At least you didn't get it back to front and get a homonym.

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Private Eye

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