Guardian Genius 221

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LeenaH | 09:19 Tue 09th Nov 2021 | Crosswords
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22d Bullets missing head? Clumsy fools (5)

Thanks a ton


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Lugs, slugs - and then do the thematic bit.
Ignore my post.
Any help with 23 down? It’s my last one. I seem to have an R left over from the other letters but can’t seem to place it. Maybe something is wrong
NAgric: something certainly is wrong. You don't seem to grasp that we need clues in order to solve clues!
23 Nurse alone can provide confirmation (5)

Eight across solutions are one letter too long for their allotted space; these letters should be dropped to produce another word for entry in the grid. Eight down solutions are one letter too short and one of the above eight letters must added to produce a word for entry in the grid. The eight letters involved make an anagram for an appropriate word. Each of the remaining 16 clues contains a superfluous word (or words), which provide definitions for the 16 new solutions in the grid.
Nurse alone can provide confirmation (5). S_E_L
I think that one ended up as Steal. Seal,confirmation, hidden in the clue and add a T from an Across answer. (This crossword is a couple of weeks old, I no longer have my copy.)
I hope that helped, Northern Agricola, and that you managed to fix the bit where you went astray?

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Guardian Genius 221

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