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saladdodger | 14:47 Sun 24th Oct 2021 | Crosswords
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A little help to finish please...I have changed the phrase and have "5 of the 6 words/phrases" ...3 going across and 2 going down...looks like i'm missing an 8/9 letter one?

and ...

18d Upset academy cutting viscous mineral (5) ......TALA?


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Your T would have been B before... and I had Balas, a mineral.

I've got three across and three down.
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Thanks for Balas does it parse?

Still only got 2 of the across ones ...both in bottom half of grid...
Slab means viscous (new to me) and A, academy, inside. Balas, mineral.

Your OP said you had three going across and two going down, but now the other way round?
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Thanks for the parse.
...sorry! Yes i have 2 acrosses and 3 downs so far...and the 2 acrosses are in the bottom half of the grid
Saladdodger, thanks. The bottom half is the most productive...
Only the toothpaste fits your number count (all of the acrosses are in the bottom half, saladdodger).
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Thank you ... i was looking at a different version which doesn't mention toothpaste! ( broccoli instead!)
I'd rather eat toothpaste than broccoli.
I could do with a judge to unlock 11d and 21a....... Thanks.
Nudge not judge!!
21a - Parent on the outside of 2 letter word for 'at(e)' - 'e' is extra - def archaic word for an exotic fruit.
11D def - farm squatters - 'near' = BY and 'caught' (or 'triumphed', maybe?) has 3 letters, followed by alt letters of 'zebras'.
...well, not exactly 'exotic' - a tropical fruit (it's often canned).
Thanks my friends. As usual I managed to solve them as soon as I'd posted!!

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Ev 1510

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