Listener 4682 Round Table Man By Banjaluka

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HawkCrossword | 23:19 Fri 22nd Oct 2021 | Crosswords
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I remember when just about every other Listener Crossword used to be like this. Tough clues, tough theme and tough endgame. I thoroughly enjoyed it, thanks Banjaluka!


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I agree with HawkCrossword, tough everything and totally enjoyable. Many PDMs with the endgame.

Well done, Banjaluka. A great effort.
I got into trouble with the added clashes by misreading one of my own letters and not understanding the addition method properly for a long time. My fault of course, and apart from that I enjoyed the grid fill and clever final stages. The illustration brought a smile as it reminds me of my discussion with Scorpius last week - and there's no doubt this time!
A terrific puzzle, jam-packed with thematic material and a cracking set of clues. Thanks very much, Banjaluka.
Just brilliant - wonderful puzzle.
Excellent - I had a full grid many hours ago - but didn't begrudge the gradual teasing out of all the thematic material and the final grid work as it all dropped (slowly) into place in such a satisfying way.

Thanks Banjaluka - a proper Listener challenge.
Given the various constraints from the associated gimmicks, the clues were a magnificent set. Lots of clever deceptions leading to many PDMs. I didn't find getting the answers hugely difficult (though the SW corner was pretty empty for a long time) but I had to spend a long time afterwards teasing out the wordplay to get the hints and the instruction, and even longer making sense of everything to arrive at the final result. I do have one reservation, but I'll have to keep that to myself to avoid giving anything away. Certianly a very fine Listener, nevertheless.
A stunning puzzle, full of thematic material with a good mixture of clue difficulty and a very neat end game.

Chapeau, Banjaluka.

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Listener 4682 Round Table Man By Banjaluka

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