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Daij | 13:17 Mon 18th Oct 2021 | Crosswords
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21a Parisian gangster quickly hiding heroin (6)
17d Actor's brief role had no outcome? (5)
16a Chap outside is taking a broom (7)
13a Easily impressed, we'll accept a vote with small number (5)
9a Strap cracks - time to leave (4)
4d French vintage wine and bottle (5)
8a Search for goods stolen or smuggled rarely stops halfway (6)


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17 Cameo
21 Apache
21a Apache - 'apace' (hiding) 'h(eroin)'
13a Waxen - 'a x (vote)' (in) 'we' + 'n(umber)'
16a Genista - 'gent' (outside) 'is' + 'a'
9a Jess (strap; falconry) - 'jes(t)s' ('t[ime]' to leave)
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Have to amend one clue;
8a pattern is now

Sorry for the mistake
8a Ransel - 'ran' (smuggled) + 'sel(dom)' (stops halfway)
4d Cruet - 'cru + et' - Fr. "vintage wine + and"
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4 is now,

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Thanks very much indeed. Superb

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