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TioMateo | 15:51 Sun 17th Oct 2021 | Crosswords
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Another 2 left over from on holiday, and a query on ANT :-
1) Sat thus starting off sitcom? (7) F?I?N?S. Well, it's obviously FRIENDS (sitcom), but the rest...?

2) Article in papers concerning for one potentially (1,4,3) ? D?R? S?Y. Looks as if it is I DARE SAY, but I don't get it - neither the definition nor the wordplay.

3) Strange of Irish to keep potential worker in isolation (10) Q?A?A?T?N? Has to be QUARANTINE, made up of QUARE (Irish queer) around ANT IN (soldier in) - so what part does the word "potential" play in the clue?


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1 Fri(day) ends - Sat(urday) starts
2 ID (papers) A (article) Re (concerning) for one (say)
ant - potential worker (not soldier)
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Many thanks, Mamyalynne. Any comment on the "potential" ANT query?
Look up ^

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The Times 28064

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