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hankir | 15:30 Sat 16th Oct 2021 | Crosswords
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IQ is tough today.

I have solved a handful but entering them in the grid is impossible until a lot more are solved.

Any hints on 1a and 1d appreciated. The wordplay could be missing letters.

1a. Backsliding legal profession, reported by doctor of law (5)
Welcomed by suits at work retruning team member waves (8)

1d. Turner (England's) Gainsborough and Constable kept from public view?(6)
What's discharged to papers as filler (7)



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Agree, challenging today.

1a, 3 letter word for legal profession, reversed (backsliding) followed by homophone (reported) of by. Answer might be found in synagogue.

Anagram (at work), of suits with three letter team member reversed inside. Think of sea waves,
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Thanks Gojira.
Got both.
Did not know the synonym for team member.
For 1a, second answer ends in S. But 13d starts with E.

Does this mean that across clue entries can also zig zag?
Not sure what you mean by zigzag. Prologue says all entered left to right.
Question Author
Left to right but in the same row?
Does 1a go in row 1, 5 letters and then 8?
Hankir, 13 D has 12 letters...
The first part of 1D is the name of an English cicketer (I think 'turner' = spinner).
The second part appears to be using 'filler' thematically (as in what's filling the hole) the wordplay = 3 letters for ''What's discharged'' [physics] + TO + the usual 2 letter abbrev for 'papers.'
There are lots of empty squares and the shape isn't symmetrical, hankir (some words start on the left and end on the right with a gap/gaps on the inside).
I'm away from home and typing is a bit trickier than usual, hope this helps without giving too much away.
...pluralise the usul abbrev for 'artist' for the start of 1d pt1 + 3 letters 'kept from... view'.
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Thanks NAC. I know the answer to 13d is 12 letters but in Row 1 , the last letter is S. That means 13d does not start in cell marked 13. Correct?

Thanks ProfessorM.
Got the cricketer named Adil.
Looked at all the words ending in toid. Not sure what would classify as a filler.
It's telling you what kind of animal is in the hole, hankir.'re right about answers not having to start in the numbered squares, eg 13d doesn't, 3a doesn't (even though the letter in the numbered square matches the first letter of the answer) 11a doesn't...
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Thanks ProfessorM.
I saw what's discharged, but ignored it because I couldn't see how that word fit.

3d was easy to solve since we have been calling the country by that name for a long long time. But now I know that it does not start in Cell 3.

Still a long way from grid entries.
3d does start in the numbered square - 3a doesn't...

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Iq 1721

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